I didn’t write for a while. I grew tired of my site/blog in its former state, hence the rebuild last weekend. As some of you might know, I documented my journey to becoming a developer on the first version of I prefer to spend my time on side projects, but some have let me know that they found the blog helpful, so I’ve rebooted. Anyway, here’s what’s going on with my alleged developer journey..

In February, I was laid off from my first Ruby job. It was a small company with a sales-based product built in Rails & Angular. Sadly, circumstances required them to scrap product development and our team…abrupt & painful, but a ton was gained from the experience.

I quickly landed a much better role with another company. I’m still working in Ruby, but now within an entirely different framework. I’m also getting up-to-speed with EmberJS. It’s quite the learning curve, but the overall team is amazing and we’re working on a new version of a revenue-generating product that will make life and processes easier for patients and medical professionals.

Lessons Learned So Far

To the aspiring or young developer reading, my advice to you is this: Always stay relevant & sharp in your skill set. Stuff changes in a heartbeat, whether frameworks, practices or employers. Avoid complacency. Stay on your toes at all times, but have a ton of fun with co-workers. Be quick to learn from anything & everything. Stand up for yourself and don’t tolerate garbage from anyone who seeks to shovel negativity into your lap. All feedback should be constructive. Build yourself and help others at every possible opportunity.