escaping the great train robbery - an extract

September 1st, 2017

In 2008 Sitting at the computer, in my cramped apartment bedroom, cat on my lap, I watched as trillions in value were erased from the global economy.

It bewildered me. I couldn’t understand it. The economy is made up of people going to their jobs, performing a function, and getting paid.

People were still going to their jobs and performing their functions as before; yet people were losing their savings; businesses were collapsing; and people were suffering. How could this be? Nothing physically changed. There was no bomb that went off, no natural disaster that ruined crops or goods production.

Well there are a lot of complicated ways to think about it; but to me all I could see is that the physical world had not changed; yet many peoples value within that physical world did change.

It didn’t matter how hard you worked; how conservatively you saved. Numbers on paper and inside computers changed and it caused a global depression. Nothing in the physical world changed; but our global civilization did change.

Those numbers on paper and inside computers must be extremely important if they have the power to change the world. So I sought to learn about these numbers; their rules, their functions, their history.

I learned that these numbers all originate out of debt. That the value of these numbers is in the debt someone else owes someone somewhere. I learned that the act of creating money is the act of creating debt. I learned that because of interest; this system requires injection of new money (new debt) constantly just to pay off its previous debts. And that a new debt will have to be made in the future to finance that debt; and so on and so forth.

I learned that nothing changed in 2008. We let the banks play with global finance recklessly and then bailed them all out. We didn’t do anything to change the system fundamentally. We changed a few laws; but nothing that fundamentally gets at the problem.

People don’t seem to realize what the Bailout was. When the government created the money to bailout the banks; where did that money come from? The Banks created the bailout money out of thin air in exchange for government bonds! 2008 was the biggest ConJob in history; or one of the biggest. Then they scooped up all those distressed mortgages and resold them. Honestly they don’t even really try to hide this; the fact that nobody is outraged enough to do anything about it is almost giving them the consent to do so. Does a crime stop being a crime if it is committed fully transparently in public and not even the victims have anything to say about it? If people allow themselves to be brainwashed and fleeced does that make it ok? Well it’s OK for those who are OK with it; but I’m NOT.

I watched in 2008/2009 as this insanity unfolded. When I started research work at a Biotech Startup (spunoff from one of the Big Pharma companies) I saw how reality is not respected if it gets in the way of PR and business. I saw how scientists would produce data for the purpose of supporting PR. Rather than PR being established on scientific data. I asked my colleagues if they felt what we were doing was right. They said that it’s not our place to decide; and that if we stood in the way of the executives we would just lose our jobs and be replaced.

Then when my boss came back from Korea and told us about the babies being injected with allogeneic stem cells directly into their lungs; and that we were receiving funding from this company in exchange for data and other testing. That was the last straw. Not only did we not care if the science supported the product; but the company was willing to harm human babies to generate bullshit data. My boss cried; but nobody else reacted. I don’t know if we were in shock or trying to be strong, but it was weird.

The saddest thing about all this is that many of the people that worked there were very smart people. But smart in a narrow way. Very smart at doing their jobs; but obviously too stupid to realize that it is part of our jobs to stand up to immoral and unethical behavior; and sometimes that means making things difficult for yourself.

It isn’t just that it is immoral and unethical; but developing a science based product while ignoring the science can only end in ruin. That is pretty much what we are doing on a global scale. Ignoring reality because money is uncoupled from productivity or anything physical. Money created out of thin air fuels unsustainable enterprises.

I decided that I was not going to build our life foundation on sand. Work away your life for some corrupt company just so the corrupt financial system can steal away anything you’ve managed to save up. No thank you.

The system is too monolithic to fight. And besides what happens if you topple the system? You need something to replace it or there will be even more suffering.

Then we realized; this is about creation; about production; not about destruction. We must create our own system. A better system. A voluntary system. You cannot murder violence. You cannot oppress oppression without becoming the oppressor.

But you can focus on building a system that is better. A system that encourages people to join because it benefits them; rather than a system that forces you to stay out of threat of punishment.

Bitcoin is Freedom. Bitcoin is our way out of the corrupt legacy system.

We do our small part by trading our labor for Bitcoin instead of Fiat. With enough people offering enough goods and services we will eventually create a fully closed loop economy.

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